The Lebanese Festival in Halifax – Lebanese Music, Dance, Shops

Our Folkloric Dance – Dabke

Enjoy the artistry and rhythm of our Lebanese Festival Folkloric Dance Groups, as they perform in traditional costumes all weekend long. We also offer dance classes throughout the weekend. Visit our Schedule for details!

Traditional Instruments – Derbake

The Derbake is a hand drum that is at the core of all traditional Lebanese dance. It is played while resting under the arm or between the legs, using fingertips and the palm of the hands.

Live Entertainment – Hafli

Join us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening for live music including a traditional Lebanese Band and Singer!

Church Tours and Souvenir Shops

Tour our newly constructed church with its beautiful architecture to learn about our faith.

Visit the Sisters from the Monastery of the Virgin Mary (Quebec) for hand crafted souvenirs including icons, jewelry, and award winning cheese!